Children are important to God. When parents brought their children to Jesus, He welcomed them with open arms. The spiritual training of children is also important to God. Deuteronomy 6 teaches that parents are to be the primary spiritual teachers in the lives of their children. At Western Heights it is our purpose to provide a ministry to children and families that supports parents as they strive to teach their children about Jesus. Our desire is to partner with families to build strong foundations of faith in the lives of children. We would be delighted to tell you more about our ministry to children and families. Please contact our Minister of Children and Education, Marcy Smith at (254) 776-2524 or via email at

  • bible study - sundays, 10:00-11:00

    We provide Bible Study classes for children of all ages: birth-sixth grade. Each class is taught by loving teachers who use a variety of activities to help children understand and apply the teachings of the Bible. Children are grouped in classes according to age, and each class is just the right size to provide a comfortable learning environment. Each week children will study the same topic as parents who attend our couples class. This will give families plenty to discuss together each week. Our current unit for preschoolers and children is "Jesus is Alive." Read our weekly Newsletter for family learning ideas, and check out upcoming lessons in our Bible Study Plan.  

    Preschool Lesson for April 22 - The Church Began (Acts 2)

    Children's Lesson for April 22 - The Ascension (Acts 1:4-11)


    Mission Preschool - The learning continues! We use games, art, music and other hands-on activities as we continue to learn the story taught in Sunday morning Bible Study.


    Bible Buddies - children in grades 1-3 use games and other activities to memorize Bible verses and improve Bible skills.


    Bible Drill - children in grades 4-6 participate in fun and challenging activities to memorize Bible verses, key Bible passages, and much more.

  • MUSIC, MISSIONS, & More - WEDNESDAYS, 6:00-7:30

    Mission Preschool - we continue the learning from Sunday night (see above).


    Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors (6:00-6:45 – Fall semester) - children in grades 1-6 learn about missionaries serving in locations near and far, and participate in several mission projects.


    Children's Choir (6:00-6:45 – Spring semester) - children in grades 1-6 will begin rehearsing for a musical to be presented in May.

    Team Kid (6:45-7:30) – children in grades 1-6 will enjoy an interactive Bible Study and fun review and application games each week.